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New addition to the house...

Hey there. well today I adopted my friends cat. His name is George.  He is a orange male tabby who is so funny.  Very lovable and snuggler too.  He is currently walking around the room scoping things out. He has already claimed the bed as his own also.  I have pictures on my facebook. ask and ill share.
What are your health and fitness goals for 2010? Do you have a plan for how to achieve them?

I am actually planning on starting a diet.  The diet that seemed to work well for me was the biggest loser diet plan.  You take your weight and multiply it by 7. That is the number of calories you can intake a day and still lose weight.  It worked well for me, but the only problem was being able to fund the food for this diet.  It is interesting isnt it?  The more fattening and high calorie junk is less expensive than the food that is better for you, lower in calories and non fat.  And they say the government wants a more healthy country, that we need to work harder at getting better in our fitness and food intake.  Yet in their regressed world we cant even afford to buy non fat cheese, lean cuisines, or the such, because its 3 or 4 dollars cheaper to grab that high fattening frozen food, or the dollar menu double cheeseburger. 

Anyways back from my ranting... I am going to start a diet the end of this month.  I will post my travels through this time and let everyone know how im doing. 


It is 226 am...I tried laying down and watching television until i fall asleep...usually that works for me.  Lately I have noticed that i am not falling asleep until 4 am or so.  I don't know why this has been occurring, its almost like it was for me when I lived in fowler.  I would go weekends without sleep and that was crazy as it was.  I don't wanna get back into that habit again.  I have tried television, internet, just laying there, counting sheep, nothing works.  I refuse to take sleeping pills, since that is what caused my grandfathers death.  I despise them now.  I even change the channel when their commercials are on.  So what is left to do? Any suggestions? I am open to trying something else. 

Writer's Block: Educated guess

How has your education prepared you for your current or intended career? Do you wish you had taken a different path academically? Would you consider transferring or going back to school?

Actually my career I am currently doing is a piano accompianist job for the school district.  The only degree I have attained in the past is a A.S. degree in Vet Tech from SJVC.  So I still want to go back and finish school to get a degree in musical performance, so it can better help me in the future of my career, even though I already have my dream job.

back from a long absence...

Hello readers...its been a long time since I have posted a live journal, since i deleted my old one a few years back..  I am not sure where to start so I will continue this later when I have time to think. anyways welcome back and i hope i dont bore you too much with my chatter LOL.